What is SEO?

Google receives over 300 million searches every day. That is a huge some of searches daily, so you have a professional well designing website, but not getting any visitors costing you sales? We can rank you on the 1st page of Google and boast sales.



SEO is a simple concept; it is based around human searches. Generally speaking when we search for a product we only check the first 10 results, results on the first page. Companies pay thousands for website designs, but what is the point pay thousands for a website that is not getting any visitors? SEO is the key to get on the first page of search engines, getting you the leads.


With this in mind let’s consider the following example;

SEO Leicester” is searched for approximately 1600 times per month according to Google’s keyword suggestions tool.

If Horizon Digital Agency was ranked at the number 1 position for this phrase, it could expect approximately 500 clicks (36.4% of 1600) of organic, targeted traffic daily.

Now let’s consider the commercial value of SEO;

If we were to use Pay Per Click to rank for the number 1 spot through Google Ad words, at the average CPC (Cost Per Click) of £1.30 it would incur a charge of approximately £1700 daily for similar results.

If we used pay per click advertising to get number 1 spot using Google adverbs it would cost £1.20 per click. And that would mean we would have to pay £1900 every day to rank being number 1 for that key word

However we are not millionaires and so we use SEO techniques to generate organic searches and get traffic this way.
The benefits of SEO are clear; Organic SEO delivers longer lasting, sustainable results. Would you rather pay £1900 a day to rank number 1 or as little as £199 a month?

Our Search Engine Optimisation techniques are tuned around both “On Page Optimisation” such as body text and tags, as well as “Off Page Optimisation” such as inbound links, anchor text, PageRank and the overall authority of a linking website.

The techniques we use for Search Engine Optimisation are “On Page Optimisation” for example having the correct relevant tags on page and “Off Page Optimisation” such as increasing the PageRank of the website through clever and nifty ways.

After Google introduced the Panda update there is now over 200 criteria Google grades sites on. However we have the knowledge and techniques to comply with Google’s criteria and rank sites to page 1 is a few months if not weeks. With our SEO techniques you will get results!