What is a niche website?

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Why have a public case study?

Pat Flyn from Smart Passive Income has been building niche websites for a number of years, actually he was my inspiration to make my set of niche websites. He has built a number of successful niche websites, his most famous one being Security Guard Training which earns him a four figure amount monthly.

Best of all, he has shared his knowledge with his users over the years and given thousands of people worldwide ideas to build their own ‘niche’ websites and as a result of this, I will build my own public niche case study for all to see. I will take you readers on the journey of the whole process that goes into making a ‘niche’ website so hopefully you decide to replicate this business model and make your own ‘niche’ website(s) and earn a passive income.

My Niche case study will be of a fresh new niche website I will start from scratch and build up into a authoritative money making website. I will show you everything, from learning the foundations of niche websites, to being your own boss and hiring content writers to take away the pain of writing a 15,000 word websites, everything is broken down step-by-step, all my knowledge will be shared with you so you can make your very own niche website.




A story about my online journey

My names Ram Keshwala the founder of Horizon Digital Agency a SEO agency, I am just your typical average guy, geek. tech enthusiast. But at the age of 13 I wanted to have a job, I wanted to make money and that is when I stumbled across SEO. I could actually make a income sitting at home without moving from my comfy sofa, and that’s when I got into SEO and helped clients rank their websites to increase their sales. While I saw them reaping the benefits I thought why don’t I create a number of websites for myself and repeat this process? and that’s when I stumbled across niche websites…. and the rest is history.

I bet you have heard of “niche websites” plenty of times, no? but what is a niche website?

A ‘niche’ website basically is a information based website that targets a specific topic. You find a low competition keyword (using techniques which will be revealed during the next few weeks and months) that you can dominate and rank it on Google for top 3 results. These ‘niche’ sites are seen as content rich and informative by Google and as a result you can dominate the keyword you choose. Why can you rank highly for ‘niche’ websites? well because these keywords are quite un-competitive, so not many people are targeting the keyword you have chosen, and with the help with SEO techniques (which also will be revealed over the coming months) your site will be in good position to be on page 1 of search engines.

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Why niche websites are a great business model

I personally believe building a niche website is the one of the best internet market ideas out on the web. A niche website if done correctly will always outrank a general static website. A general website does not have focus on a certain keyword to rank, whereas a niche website focuses on certain keywords and as a result out-ranks these general sites.  Obviously this is not always the case, I have had a number of niche website failures myself but you learn and you move on. I can tell you from first-hand experience if you persevere with niche websites you can make good passive income, even quit your job as many people have. It is a scalable process that is easy to track and once you make one niche website you always want to go back for more!

How do you make money with your niche sites?

I have been partnering with a number of affiliate programs, some of them include HostGator, iPage,  a number of Commission Junction partners, Xpango, FreebieJeebies, Amazon Associates and the list goes on.

For my public niche case study I will be partnering with Amazon Associates – so whenever someone buys a product off of Amazon, I make a commission. I will show you how you can create your own Amazon Associates account over the weeks/months.

Don’t be deceived – ‘niche’ websites are NOT easy!

So far your thinking niche websites sound easy! I find my keyword, write a ton of content and voilà! I have a niche website. Well I will tell you now that is only 30% of the process. There is a LOT of other factors to consider such as, how do you judge is if keyword has  potential? how do you optimise your website to be search engine friendly? how do you monetize your website, how getting expired domains and doing a 301 redirect can boast rankings, and so on. When I started my first niche website I failed, and I failed miserably, it took my third website to actually start earning money, so don’t think everything is going to be easy.

If you do want to get into the ‘niche’ websites business venture remember there is a risk.  I make no guarantees of your success.  You may find that passive income you are looking for; or you may find lots of hard work with no monetary rewards. This is business you learn and you move on.

So there you have it we have touched the foundations of niche websites, is making your own nice website for you? are you willing to take the risk? Well don’t worry you can follow my first every public niche case study and follow my journey with my own niche website, this is something new I have never done, I have never revealed my niche sites to anyone, but you will see my journey of my next niche website project.

What do you think??? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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