How to brainstorm for niche website ideas? and do keyword research?

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Last week I announced I will be showing you reader’s how to  build your own niche website with the goal of earning passive income. This week we I tell you how to brainstorm for keyword ideas and find the goldmine keyword(s) that you will focus to build your own niche website and dominate rankings on Google.

So, the strategic plan will play out like this (be sure to share the below link to unlock content):


      • Find Market/keywords
      • Find affiliate products or create my own
      • Build niche site and produce original content
      • Rank site in search engines – building links and more
      • Share everything publicly on Horizon Digital Agency!



One of most the most time consuming part of niche websites is finding the keyword that will earn you money and at the same time, it is not too competitive. There are a lot of factors to consider, but how do you find this keyword that fit’s the criteria? The goal is to find one main keyword you will rank and a range of long-tail keywords. What are long-tail keywords you are thinking? They are keywords that are getting roughly 200-800 searches every month and are easy to rank for. As it’s better to provide a higher quality site by having inner posts that target long-tail keywords and provide value to the reader, this way you get visitors coming on to your site for the main keyword and the long tail keywords you write posts on.

Brainstorming keyword ideas

Let’s talk about brainstorming, how do I think of my keywords? I recommend brainstorming of ideas of something you enjoy and have a passion for. For example gaming and sports is something I enjoy, but I want to stay away from the gaming industry, yes there are plenty of games, and game systems that I can use to promote my Amazon Associates link with BUT this is a highly competitive market which is changing every month, it’s just not worth targeting for certain keywords and there are a lot of ‘giant’ websites users go for information. Sports I enjoy biking, but again this is a competitive market, ‘biking reviews’ has plenty of authoritative websites, but ‘best hybrid bikes’ interesting has 5,400 searches and seems easy to rank for, maybe this can be your idea?

What I do is write down the 100 hottest products on Amazon and eBay this month and whittle it down to smaller groups. For example this week plenty of people purchased ‘Washing machines’ on Amazon, interesting how about if is break down the further into brands and models, I can target the keyword ‘best washing machines’ which is getting on average 2,900 searches, I can maybe break this down in to models and see which model is getting high searches and a section in the site just for ‘Bosch’ machines and place all reviews of the models here. I carry on looking for other washing machine reviews such as ‘Zanussi’ and break that down to models and have a separate section for this stored with 5-10 reviews on these models and so on. But hey this is just an example of how to think outside the box.

I recommend you guys this week have a list written out as below and 30-50 ideas for each section. Search for ‘best’ in front of the keyword or ‘reviews’ at the end of the keyword E.G. ‘best ice-cream maker’ check competition and monthly searches for that, then check for ‘ice-cream maker reviews’. Follow the below layout now and write your ideas under each of the titles.


Things that are cool and I have no ideas about:

Hot products on Amazon currently:

Hot products on eBay currently:

When you have your keywords put them in: Google AdWords checker to see how much searches it is getting each month, see if it is rising or falling, if the competition is high or low (keep in mind even if it is high we can still dominate, as then other factors come into place)

Checking competition:

Great so you found a keyword that has roughly 1,500 – 8,000 searches and you found mini long-tail keywords you can target, but how did the current competitors get their website this high on google?

Here is a list of factors to consider when analysing the competitors websites:

– Keyword relevancy – how much time has the keyword been mentioned

– Is the keyword mentioned in the page titles?

– How many backlinks has the site got?

– Does your competitor have high Domain Authority and Page Authority?

– Are there e-commerce websites ranking in the top 10 of Google?

Keyword relevancy:

It is common sense your website would not rank high on Google is the main keyword you are targeting is not mentioned on the pages. Even better having the main keyword in the H1 title would be the best.


So if you have a blog targeting “best washing machines” be sure to use the keyword in the title, disguise it as ‘ultimate resource for best washing machines’, this is just an idea. Be sure to also use the keyword throughout the page. For example if you have a 1,500 words homepage, be sure to use the keyword between 5-7 times, not too much or this is seen as ‘keyword stuffing’ and spammy.

Page titles:

Great you now have any idea on keyword relevancy, next is page titles. We mentioned this above, having the main keyword on your main titles adds weight to the pages ranking for that keyword in Google’s eyes. You should try and add the main keyword in the titles within the page and sub-titles you may have.

Use the following tool to see SEO ranking for the page: HERE


Now this is important. But what is a backlink? This is basically a ‘hyperlink’ to another website or page. These links are seen as the ‘holy grail’ in Google’s eyes as it shows Google that your site is Bing talked about elsewhere and you content is useful that people are linking back to your site.

A valuable hyperlink is a link coming from huge multi-national websites such as, BBC, CNN, these websites have high authority, the higher the page authority it is the more valuable it looks in Google’s eyes. Some people think backlinking and getting these links is the most important that will help to get your website to rocket high on Google for its keyword, however do not be fooled it is not.

You need to have the correct formula, you need to focus on finding a low completion keyword, write key quality content, and optimise the sh*t out of your website (Don’t worry this will all be explained over the weeks) and then getting authoritative backlinks.

Use the following tool to find the number of backlinks the site has: HERE

Domain Authority/ Page Authority:

Domain and Page Authority are terms used by to separate quality websites and non-quality websites. This goes to my example where getting a link from BBC is seen stronger then getting a backlink from a weak website. If you can get a backlink from a high authority website it will help boast your rankings (again I will show you where to find these high authority websites)

SEOmoz give a ranking out of 100, the higher the number the more authoritative the website. I recommend you use this tool (Click Me) and enter the 10 competitor’s links and if 6+ sites out of the 10 have domain authority over 40 I would ignore this keyword. It’s too competitive; remember also if Amazon, eBay or other e-commerce sites ranking in the top 10 also ignore this keyword. E-commerce websites will have more authority over your sites and it will take years to rank above them (proven according to case studies).

Analysing the competition:

If you out all of these factors together you will start to see how ‘niche’ your keyword is and if you can rank it on Google


So I will give you my example to give you an idea. This week I saw Juicers was getting plenty of searches of eBay. So I typed juicers on eBay it was getting 70,000 searches WOW! That’s too much searches and too hard to rank for but let me break this keyword down further let me search ‘best

So this is brainstorming for ideas and keyword research revealed. Hopefully by the next time I post my thread, you, the reader, will have your own gold nugget (keyword) and make progress. Next week I will give examples of good and bad keywords so you have an idea,  how I find the ‘best’ niche keywords.

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